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Would you like to optimize your business structure? Is geomarketing a central cross-sectional function for many divisions in your company?
Then you will need more specific data, evaluations and analyses.
Therefore, we offer an individual GIS solution for your business.

The all-in-one platform for data, analysis and software

easymap is the unique, borderless GIS platform that includes all software components, all GIS functionalities and all available market and geodata which can be provided on premise or via the cloud.

easymap offers all ingredients for successful business in your target regions: including small, nimble standard solutions for special sub-tasks, flexible combination of various standard modules and highly complex company-wide GIS customisation.

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Software as a Service

easymap server forms the technological core of easymap solutions. It centralizes all necessary software components for server- and client-side solutions and ensures the integration, provision and interoperability of services and solutions.

easymap server has its own functionalities (Software as a Service), but is at the same time the interface to the easymap cloud – and thus to external data/analytics services (Data & Analytics as a Service). easymap server processes all requests centrally and organizes the communication of results to all end devices.


Data & Analytics as a Service

easymap cloud component provides unlimited access to external data, web services and functionalities. The integration is possible for:

  • Geocoding and qualification of address data
  • Integration of potential data
  • Integration of map displays
  • Calculation of routes or distances
  • Implementation of blending
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Data, Apps, Access independent of location

easymap mobile component enables the integration of sensor data from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, cars/goods with SIM) into apps and easymap. The location/motion data is blended live with further environment data of the application

Fields of application include tour and visit planning, real estate price determination or line information in the construction industry.


easymap in external services / portals

The easymap web component also makes easymap data and cockpits available in external services and portals. These can be websites, planning tools, BI applications, CRM systems, Sharepoint and other applications. Access is made via pre-designed and intuitive One Click solutions. The thematic maps can be used for sales control, location planning, recording of network structures, etc.


For example: easyvisit

easyvisit is a service for easymap that enables visit and tour planning for field service. easyvisit helps you to reduce travel times and increase contact times at the same time.

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For example: ActiveMapJS

ActiveMapJS is a map component that can be integrated into browser-based solutions via JavaScript/TypeScript – as a stand-alone component or as an add-on to an existing Leaflet solution.

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For example: b2b select

b2b select is a platform for distribution of b2b addresses and data. digital easymap map enables the user to easily select special regions.

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All modules can be combined flexibly

easymap is our own software. We offer both: easymap sdk (software development kit) and corresponding skills and qualifications in order to develop, customize or adapt easymap to any extent.

easymap sdk contains all relevant components for configuration of your individual easymap GIS solution: Data & Analytics, API & Webservices, Server & Services, Interfaces & Connectors, Libraries.


Individually programmed

We consult, design, develop, program, integrate and maintain applications, frameworks or other software components. easymap software is focusing on work. As we are source code owner there will be no restrictions. Please let us know if you have specific wishes or complex requirements.

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Individual Consulting

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