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easymap office

easymap office is the basic component of business mapping in the easymap family. The core functionalities include the integration of your data for the convenient creation of digital maps and initial analysis options. You can start with easymap office and then expand your individual configuration step by step at any time as your requirements and analysis needs grow.

Maps and geographic data analysis

With easymap you can transform complex columns of numbers into descriptive maps. With little effort, you can visualize information on customers, sales or locations and recognize the status quo as well as new potentials at first glance.

Karte mit Markern und Koordintensystem

grasp spatial relationships

Icon Ursache und Wirkung

Understand regional causes and effects

Rate icon locations

Evaluate sites and areas

entrepreneurial measures icon

initiate entrepreneurial measures

Possible applications in business mapping

easymap office offers orientation in the data jungle and supports you with a variety of features in the creation of meaningful analyses for the most diverse questions:

  • Mapping of customers, company locations and potential addresses through integrated geocoding
  • Regional evaluation of data as heatmap or area coloring (turnover, sales, number of customers, etc.)
  • Uncovering untapped market potentials
  • Presenting location-based info by spatial raster analyses
  • Geographic Boston Grid analyses to compare potential and exploitation.
  • Visualization of spatial network structures (supply flows, spatial interdependencies)
  • Clear visualization of the complex relationships in the extensively included digital maps

Map of North Germany with cutouts

Report Automation

For ongoing reporting, easymap office offers the ideal prerequisites to effectively deliver the corresponding digital maps and tables at the push of a button or automatically. easymap also provides you with the best support for spontaneous questions in the context of market analyses, in planning the distribution of advertising media and in strategy development.


Test for free

With a free demo version of easymap you can easily and without obligation – convince yourself of the performance of the software. Full range of functions (without PRO features) is available for test analyses in a limited postal code area. We would be happy to help you!

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