Applications with easymap

Create a uniform knowledge and work basis with easymap: results, maps and data can be shared and processed with all relevant departments and persons in your company – regardless wich device is used.

GIS in Business

The findings and answers obtained via easymap as a GIS (geographic information system) are important for many areas of the company. That is why the interdepartmental use of easymap often enables the optimal synergies. Thanks to the flexible access to the central map, data and analysis basis in easymap, all users have the same information basis. easymap gives answers to the following questions:


Where are my customers? Where is new potential? Where does expansion make sense?


Where are good/bad units? Where are the optimal sales territory boundaries? How can field service be better managed?


Who are my customers? Where are which types of customers located? Where do which measures make sense?


Which turnover figures where generated in where? Which specifications make sense in the future in which areas? In which areas was efficient work done?

Sales Territory Planning with easymap

easymap visualizes your sales territories on digital maps. You can analyse the distribution at any time with easymap and optimise it taking into account various parameters, e.g. potential, number of customers, routes or place of residence of the sales representative.

This means that you get the most suitable area allocation. You can share the maps with your relevant staff.

Sales territory planning with easymap is transparent and objective. In addition to high effectiveness, this also ensures acceptance and motivation.

Location Planning with easymap

Where are the successful locations? Is there a need for change in a specific location? What factors determine the success or failure of a location? And where are other suitable locations with high potential?

Site planning with easymap supports you in answering these important issues. Successful or ineffective location can be identified by combining your business data with corresponding objective market data, Evaluation of any existing or new location can be made by these criteria.

Field Service Planning with easymap

easymap enables web-based tour and visit planning that supports your field staff. With the help of the integrated frequency monitoring, employees can see at a glance which customers should be visited. Once the customers to be visited have been selected, the optimum sequence is calculated immediatly.

If the calculated sequence does not completely fill the visit day, further customers along the route can be added later. If a customer visit is cancelled at short notice, the nearest customer can be found quickly and easily.

Media Planning with easymap

With easymap you can find locations and areas with completely new or unexploited customer or turnover potential. Select your target areas and activate the potential through targeted campaigns.

By the way: Many media companies and service providers also use easymap to develop special solutions for media planning, which they make available to their interested parties and customers.

For many media, additional map layers (delivery districts, broadcast areas, distribution/dissemination areas, locations of out-of-home media or cinemas, etc.) can be added. Your optimal media mix.

Business Mapping with easymap

easymap does business mapping. Business mapping describes the representation of the regional distribution of business-relevant key figures on digital maps (turnover, customers, locations, catchment/distribution areas, sales force assignments, etc.).

Icon Geocoding


All integrated data and addresses must be geocoded. The geocoding function is included in easymap by default. External market data can be linked via the geocode.



Through numerous analysis functionalities, easymap enables the evaluation and comparison of any locations and areas. All findings are conveniently displayed on digital maps.

Map displays on different devices

Mobile Mapping with easymap

easymap’s mapping applications can be run on demand from web applications or apps with any mobile device. The current location data of the device (and thus of its owner/user) is integrated and can be used in the application.

Mobile Mapping with easymap enables e.g. the cartographic representation of one’s own current location in connection with a variety of regional environment features including nearest customer locations, planned routes or suitable routes. Mobile mapping with easymap is used, for example, in logistics companies or in field service.

easymap application examples

easymap is used in many industries and for solving numerous issues regarding the processing of markets. Here you will find concrete examples of successful easymap applications.

Pharma + Medical Statistics

Pharma + Medical Statistics

Sales Management

Sales Management

Energy Sector

Energy Sector

Marketing Planning

Marketing Planning




Very easy testing

Try a free demo and convince yourself of easymap software performance. For this purpose, the full range of functions (without PRO features) is available for any test analyses in a limited postal code area. We would be happy to help you!

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