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easymap explorer

easymap explorer is the perfect tool for intuitive and device-independent access to your interactive maps. easymap explorer is used wherever several people, organizational units or teams from management, marketing, sales or business development need a uniform information platform. With the help of these common foundations, it is possible to work and plan efficiently, share results and make informed decisions.

Web application for sharing interactive maps

With easymap explorer you share your interactive maps with others. Via your browser, all authorized persons have access to the maps and data created in easymap anywhere and at any time. On any internet-enabled device, stakeholders can view and customize them, or even create new interactive web maps.

Icon Maps Information System

Central map information system: Device-independent and without installation or plug-ins. Turn your maps into interactive web maps with just a few clicks.

Icon control

Tool for workforce management , for example in service, sales, customer service.

Icon Sharing

In-house sharing of all regional evaluations, e.g. as a basis for decision-making by management or as controlling feedback to the sales department

Interactive web map service for marketing, controlling and sales

Not every user of an information system is an IT professional. easymap explorer is an intuitive web map service for everyone. The advantages are:

  • No installation or plugins required
  • You only need an internet connection and a device
  • no previous knowledge required and thus the ideal basis for your office and field staff.
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Convince your employees with a geographic view of your comprehensive data

With a few clicks you enable:

  • access to business maps created in easymap.
  • the simple selection of any data and areas by mouse click.
  • dynamic filtering options in tables and maps.
  • continuous zoom to view different depths of detail.
  • detailed information by mouse over or click on locations or areas in the map.
  • Up-to-date information from CRM, ERP and business intelligence systems at any time .

Operational route planning in field services

You would like to support your field service to plan more efficiently? Through optimized planning, your employee gains more time with the customer and reduces travel costs.

Beyond the standard functions, easymap explorer pro offers central functions as an add-on to support daily tasks:

  • from individual route planning to the planning of sequence-optimized tours.
  • Accessibility analyses by air distance, travel time, travel distance help identify target customers around a location or address.
  • Easy search for alternative visits near the location – even on the road
  • by integrating web services (DaaS), desired location-based market data and potentials can be addedat any time.

Use in the cloud or on your device

With easymap explorer cloud service you can deploy easymap maps instantly. All necessary hardware and software will be provided. Support by IT department is not required.

If your organization’s IT policy does not allow the use of a cloud service, easymap explorer can also be installed on your server. easymap explorer supports all common browsers in each case in the current version.

Server, im Hintergrund eine Landkarte
Top view with parasols and city names

Interaction with easymap professional

For an intuitive workflow, easymap explorer is automatically integrated into easymap professional. Analyze, plan and reorganize your sales territories and locations and then share your results directly with your team via easymap explorer.

Do you want to redefine sales territories or just optimize the existing structure? Do you want to review your sites or are you looking for new sites? Want to share your maps easily and quickly? easymap professional is the right software for a wide range of problems.


Test for free

Set up your free trial account. To share maps with easymap explorer, you need an installed easymap version. If you don’t use easymap yet, you can download a free demo version. Activate your free trial access for easymap explorer directly from the easymap program. Learn in this video how to set up your access and share your maps with easymap explorer in just a few clicks.

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