easymap: Number one in business mapping

easymap is the number one boxe solution for business mapping.
Even the basic version easymap office allows the integration of addresses and data as well as various analyses in digital maps.
easymap can be extended at any time with additional standard components to create your individual easymap configuration.

easymap belongs in every office

Almost all of a company’s activities have a regional/geographical connection. easymap allows you to integrate these spatial relationships into your business processes as standard. easymap is available in different editions.


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easymap professionaleasymap

Geocoding adresses basic
on 100m grid, for DACH
Analyses basic
Surface coloring, heat map, symbols, diagrams, and more
Design variety
Diagrams, tables, internet map, and more
of evaluations and reports
Areas and locations
plan and optimize
Areas and locations
analyze (key areas, distance zones, and v. m.)
Document organizational structure
Reports with maps & data
Geocoding adresses unlimited
address accurate, worldwide
Accessibility analyses
according to travel distance / travel time
Route calculation
optimized according to travel distance / travel time
Web application
in easymap explorer for maps and data (browser-based)
Mobile access to maps and data
in easymap explorer completely device independent
Access permissions
Control maps and data in easymap explorer
Online route optimization
in easymap explorer by travel distance / travel time
as AddOnas AddOn
Online calculation of catchment areas
in easymap explorer by travel distance / travel time
as addonas AddOn
OPTIONAL for all versions:
Worldwide maps and market data
Access at any time

Included maps

All listed maps are integrated and available for you. Only for the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland you have to pick a favourite.

  • National Borders
  • Capitals
  • State borders, regional borders (federal states, cantons, departments, etc.)
  • Postal code boundaries (2-digit postal code areas)
  • Cities, European roads, rivers and lakes
  • Postal boundaries (5-digit, 2-digit and 1-digit postal code areas)
  • Administrative boundaries (federal states, administrative districts, urban and rural districts, municipalities)
  • Nielsen areas
  • Cities, highways, federal roads, rivers and lakes
  • Postal boundaries (4-digit, 2-digit and 1-digit postal code areas)
  • Administrative boundaries (states, political districts, municipalities)
  • Cities, highways, federal roads, rivers and lakes
  • Postal boundaries (4-digit, 2-digit and 1-digit postal code areas)
  • Administrative boundaries (cantons, districts, municipalities)
  • Cities, highways, federal roads, rivers and lakes

Optional maps

You can purchase numerous additional thematic, industry and international maps from us, including:

  • Electricity and gas network operators
  • Basic supply areas (electricity + gas)
  • Control areas (electricity), market areas (gas)
  • IQVIA Landscape®
  • IMS Xponent®
  • RPI Cells
  • RVI Cells
  • Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (district and state offices)
  • Grosso areas
  • Distribution areas of daily newspapers
  • Area codes (AVON)
  • Municipalities
  • Small-scale division (statistical districts)
  • Electoral districts / voting districts
  • Regional planning regions
  • Employment office districts
  • Counting districts in Austria
  • Eurostat NUTS 1-3

We offer maps of the

  • postal control areas and
  • administrative boundaries and
  • detailed street maps

for almost every country in the world.

Group of people in a meeting, collage with map

easymap office

Easily visualize data on maps and understand markets

With easymap you create high-quality, descriptive, digital map graphics from spatial data. Using the included geocoding, you integrate your company data and recognize at first glance in the map where the focus of your business lies, where action is needed and what regional causes and effects are underlying.

easymap professional

Analyze, plan and optimize areas and locations

professional enables detailed analysis, planning and reorganization of your sales territories or locations as well as documentation of the organizational structure via reports with data and maps using Webviewer. Taking into account travel distances and times worldwide, your analyses and planning become even more precise. All components, maps and functionalities of the easymap office edition are included.

Top view with parasols and city names
Skyscraper, map of Europe in background

easymap explorer

The easiest way to share interactive maps – anywhere, anytime

Ideal for field service: With easymap explorer you can share your data and maps in the company anytime and anywhere via the browser. No software installation or plugins are required for the user. easymap explorer is equally user-friendly and intuitive – on all devices.

So you can perfectly support your office and field staff in their daily doing with a web map service.


You basis for boundless business

Already easymap office contains digital overview maps for Europe and the world. First insights into the respective market. If you want to plan your global business safely and organize it efficiently, we recommend extending easymap with international maps and international market data.

Do you work in international teams? German is not your native language and you feel more comfortable in English? No problem! Both our software and our support portals are available in English as well as German. Bilingualism enables global use of our software in the company. With the right maps and data, anyone can use easymap – no matter where they are.

Postleitzahlensystem England


Get all standard modules for your individual easymap solution

easymap works in a modular way. Starting with the office edition, easymap can be extended step by step with numerous additional components, functionalities and data to create the version that suits you best.

Our versions do not quite fit your individual requirements? / You prefer an individual solution? We will be happy to assist you and adapt individual components to implement your desired configuration.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 11, Windows 10 (1607 and later), Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2¹
  • Approx. 500 MB hard disk space
  • 2 GB RAM or more
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2²

¹ The 32-bit version supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the mentioned operating systems. The 64-bit version supports only 64-bit versions of the mentioned operating systems. Furthermore, app and desktop virtualization systems such as Citrix XenApp are supported.
² Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 is automatically installed by the setup.


  • Data:
    Excel, Access, SQL-Server, ODBC, text files (e.g. CSV), clipboard, Outlook contacts etc.
  • Cards:
    LTG, Shapefile, GeoTIFF, Internet maps (e.g. street maps)
  • Graphic export:
    PowerPoint, Word, JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PDF, etc.
  • Programming interface, object model


Easy to test

With the free download of easymap professional, you can convince yourself of the software’s performance easily and without obligation. The full range of functions, including pro features for any test analyses, is available to you for a full 30 days. We will be happy to help you!

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