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Commercial enterprises, limited liability companies and sole proprietorships


Purchasing power in the district above average


Residential building 6 households, total approx. 364 sqm.


Above-average medical care in the residential area.

Digital market data

Make more of it: The more diverse and precise the digital market data used in easymap, the more valuable and well-founded the insights and derived decisions. Digital market data describes consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B) operating in and around locations.

International market data

Think outside the box. Support for implementation included. In addition to the digital maps for all countries, we also provide you with the corresponding market data for these countries. As a rule, these are

  • Total population / by age group / by gender
  • Households
  • Purchasing power in general / product-specific (e.g. textiles, insurance, jewellery)

We will be happy to support you in your international business.

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Data consulting

There has never been so much and varied data as there is today. Therefore, more expertise is required in research and handling with data.

  • What data do I need and where can I find it?
  • How can I license data?
  • What data am I allowed to use at all?
  • What do I have to consider regarding data protection?

Our experts support you in every question concerning data!

Online data catalogue

Take advantage of the unique diversity of digital market data from our sister company infas 360. Data is compatible with easymap and can be integrated within digital maps. In principle, all data are official, transparent and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for data consultationn if you need help concerning the online data catalogue.

Link zum Online-Datenkatalog von infas360
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Sociodemographic data

Sociodemographic characteristics are derived from surveys or official statistics. They are most important in advertising to define, localize and individually address target groups. There is a lot of socio-demographic data available for easymap, such as:

  • Gender, age, marital status
  • Household size and net income
  • Education and professional situation
  • Status and religious affiliation

Data for the pharmaceutical market

easymap provides all relevant structures for the pharmaceutical market. In order to be able to analyse the market regionally as well as to determine potentials, we offer a variety of further data such as

  • OTC purchasing power
  • Locations in health sector (pharmacies, hospitals, intensive care beds, rehabilitation facilities and clinics, etc.).
  • Number of people with statutory/private insurance
  • Socio-demographics (households, inhabitants, general purchasing power, etc.)
Map with data for pharmaceutical market

Data for energy market

In addition to all structural information such as network operators, basic suppliers or control zones/market areas, we also provide a lot of consumer and company data which enables you to analyse and calculate regional energy markets. Our sister company infas 360 offers various additional information, e.g. from surveys

  • Sustainability and energy types
  • Building refurbishment rates
  • Willingness to change and pay more
  • Demand for e-cars

Industry data

We provide specific industry data for use in easymap. For all known German companies we offer available basic information such as industry, legal form, address, employees or turnover. Furthermore, we identify and integrate secondary data which is available at any time. Surveys of our corporate sister infas 360 specific information in the following industries can be provided

Energy, financial market, purchasing and consumption, automotive, housing, telecommunications.

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Company addresses

With b2bselect, our sister company infas 360 offers addresses and more additional information of the Who is Who in German business. You can select addresses directly “as a service” and integrate them into easymap pro.

Get all data entered in the commercial register in b2bselect for a special price. We are happy to supply further company addresses or additional information about company buildings or locatios.


Easy to test

With the free download of easymap professional, you can convince yourself of the software’s performance easily and without obligation. The full range of functions, including pro features for any test analyses, is available to you for a full 30 days. We will be happy to help you!

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