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Companies have long since ceased to operate in just one country. The opening of borders has shown that our business does not end at state shields. Rather, regional cross-country considerations and comparisons are an important part of what we do.

Use easymap globally

easymap also supports you internationally. Our software easymap is suitable for global use in your company due to the two available system languages German and English. We offer international maps and market data to complement your own company data to analyze your markets worldwide or to expand into new countries.

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Your basis for boundless business

When you purchase easymap, you automatically receive digital overview maps for Europe and the world. First insights into the respective market. If you want to plan your global business safely and organize it efficiently, we recommend extending easymap with detailed international maps and market data. Global geocoding helps you visualize and analyze all locations and customers.

Our international easymap service and support

Do you work in international teams? German is not your native language and you feel more comfortable in English? No problem! Both our software and our
Support Portals
are available in English as well as German. Bilingualism enables global use of our software in the company. With appropriate country maps and regional market data, anyone can use easymap – no matter where or when.

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Easymap Europe Map

Business Case: Site Planning Europe-wide

Answer the most important questions for your cross-border branch network planning with easymap based on our European maps. Where are the successful existing branches located throughout Europe? Is there a need for change in a specific location? And where do you find new locations with high potential? Assess your current locations and find new optimal places to expand your branch network. By enriching your locations with regional market data across Europe, such as inhabitants in age groups, purchasing power or interesting POIs in the catchment area, you can evaluate the location and compare it with other locations. This allows you to see at a glance across borders where comparable markets can be found.


Test for free

Set up your free trial account. To share maps with easymap explorer, you need an installed easymap version. If you don’t use easymap yet, you can download a free demo version. Activate your free trial access for easymap explorer directly from the easymap program. Learn in this video how to set up your access and share your maps with easymap explorer in just a few clicks.

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