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International market data

Think beyond borders: For your expansion or to organize your global business, we offer the appropriate international market data. We deliver them in all common formats: for our geomarketing software easymap or your own geoinformation system, CRM or business intelligence system. Visualize worldwide markets taking into account own or supplier locations as well as production sites, customer residences, etc.

Internationalization with data

Would you like to learn even more about the markets of the world? With our international market data, you can identify where regional purchasing power hotspots are located and target potential consumers. As an important indicator of consumer behavior, purchasing power is a must when assessing B2C markets. Sociodemographic data – such as inhabitants and residents by age group as well as households – complete the portfolio and support you in identifying your relevant target groups.

We provide socio-demographic data at the level of postal code areas for most countries in the world.

International market indicators

For international issues, we offer our customers a broad portfolio of international market data. B2B and B2C. We currently have more than 140 countries covered.

Our international market data is based on data from the respective country-specific statistical offices. Highest quality standards and transparency of origin are a matter of course for us. The data are carefully processed and, according to the research question, linked to geographical levels.

These levels vary by country. We are adapting the international structures. Usually available market structures are:

  • Postal code areas
  • Communities / Regions
  • Census areas / Statistical areas

For various countries, we can also provide the international market data at even finer levels, e.g. districts or addresses.

In addition to our portfolio of international data packages, we are also happy to offer you data tailored to your individual needs.

International market data – for better decisions

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General purchasing power

Purchasing power is an important indicator for determining consumption potential. It describes the income available for consumption purposes of the population of a region or country. Accurately evaluate the consumption potential for any international zip code area with our purchasing power data.

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Our socio-demographic data provides you with detailed information about your target group in terms of age groups and gender. Filter your international target groups according to the relevant groups and optimize your advertising measures.

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International household data is also an important parameter to better understand cosumption behavior. Households describe any cohabiting community of persons and individuals that are economically relevant.


International maps

To match our international market data, we offer the appropriate international maps. Individual country maps or, for example, the complete Europe package support you in easymap or also in your business intelligence system in preparing data in an even more understandable and transparent way. We offer maps of postal routing areas, administrative boundaries as well as detailed road maps for almost every country in the world. Visualize worldwide markets taking into account own or supplier locations, production sites, customer residences. We deliver them in all formats for easymap or your geo-information system, CRM or business intelligence system.


Test for free

With a free demo version of easymap you can easily and without obligation – convince yourself of the performance of the software. Full range of functions (without PRO features) is available for test analyses in a limited postal code area. We would be happy to help you!

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