b2bselect.de: The new easymap online platform for company potentials and addresses

A joint product of Lutum + Tappert and infas 360

b2b select Firmendaten und -Adressen

Together with our sister company infas 360, we have developed and put online a new application based on easymap: b2b select. There you will find the whosiswho of the German economy – official and up-to-date! All companies and associations entered in the commercial register, from large corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises and craft businesses, can be selected there with just a few mouse clicks as a potential check and available as addresses. Altogether b2bselect contains all approx. 1.8 million postal addresses with over 2.2 million contacts and many further additional information deposited in the trade register.

b2bselect is extremely user-friendly and versatile in its application and, in addition to the standard selection, naturally also offers the option of convenient and clear spatial selection in an interactive map.

The data sets contain not only company names, postal addresses and industries, but also information on contact persons, company sizes and contact possibilities. They form the perfect database for regional potential planning.

Selecting is unbeatably simple. The address prices are unbeatably low. Thanks to the online store with credit system, fully automated processing is possible.

The system was developed entirely on the basis of the new, Internet-based easymap.one platform. This is where the competencies “Data as a Service” from infas 360 and “Maps as a Service” from Lutum + Tappert come together.

See for yourself and select your target group addresses today: www.b2bselect.de/Selection or contact us at b2bselect@infas360.de or +49/228 74887-370.